The club began investigating this project in March of 2013. In August of 2013, Joyce Zwick, from the Pincher Creek Club made a presentation to our Club regarding this project. We contacted the local school board and the private schools in September of 2013 to determine the numbers of grade 3 students presently enrolled in the 2013 classes. Then drafted a 3 year proposal, as recommended by Joyce, and presented this to the Club. In late September $3,500.00 was approved. We then contacted The Dictionary Project in Charleston S.C. and placed an order for a 3 year supply of English and French/English dictionaries.

In the spring of 2014 our club distributed approximately 270 dictionaries.

In the fall of 2014 we distributed 280 dictionaries.

In looking at the past 2 years of numbers it appears that the number of grade 3 students has increased. We will be distributing again in the Fall of 2015 and hopefully many years to come